OpenText Suite of Products

OpenText offers a powerful suite of integrated information and content management products designed to accelerate and refine business processes across the extended enterprise. Digital nGenuity provides consulting, architecture, implementation and support services for the OpenText Enterprise product family.

OpenText eDOCS DM® - Document Management - OpenText DM transforms document-based electronic information into knowledge assets with an enterprise-ready platform that facilitates the capture, sharing, and protection of corporate content resources. User queries are easily executed across global DM repositories, enabling users to find and control documents and easily distribute them for review, collaboration, and publication with project teams inside and outside the traditional corporate landscape.

OpenText eDOCS RM® - Records Management - OpenText RM creates an organized, secure environment to manage the complete lifecycle of all physical and electronic corporate knowledge assets from creation to ultimate disposition. Users can quickly classify documents against a file plan using intuitive web and Windows interfaces that also let them easily search for, share, and safely access protected records. And the scalable infrastructure provided by OpenText DM ensures that the system is consistently available so that users can accomplish their content-related tasks.

OpenText Collaboration® - Using OpenText Collaboration, organizations can provide a highly secure, intuitive environment for project participants to publish, store, control, distribute, and share content. A value-adding environment to OpenText DM, the industry leading multi-tiered document management solution, and OpenText Portal, the complete, secure, and customizable web-based workspace for managing and integrating applications, information, and resources throughout the enterprise, OpenText Collaboration offers all the functionality and tools required for leveraging the entire range of enterprise content and applying them for improved teamwork.

OpenText Email Filing, eDOCS Edition® - Significantly increase collaboration by making all email-based information available in the same eDOCS DM library as the rest of your content to maximize efficient information exchange and preventing costly delays.

OpenText eDOCS Imaging® - OpenText Imaging delivers an intuitive interface for users to scan paper files, annotate and manipulate them, and then store them in OpenText DM repositories. Document metadata and text-based image content is captured and indexed to support user queries, and organizations can fine-tune the way images are shared and revised with flexible security controls and dynamic version options. Web users enjoy quick file retrieval via a server process that sends thumbnails at once and image pages on demand.

OpenText eDOCS DM Workflow® - OpenText DM WorkFlow significantly increases productivity with powerful routing features that enable users to electronically define,automate,and manage the myriad tasks associated with document creation and review.Improved collaboration results in a higher quality of work product and reduces the costs associated with document creation,review,and handling.

OpenText DM® Extensions for AutoCAD - OpenText DM Extension for AutoCAD provides application integration between AutoCAD and OpenText DM, allowing organizations to work more effectively with engineering documents while strategically incorporating them into enterprise content repositories.

OpenText eDOCS WebTop® - Web-based Document Management. WebTop is a Web-enabled document management solution that provides organizations with full document management functionality through a Web browser.