Mobile Dictation

The Philips Pocket Memo voice recorder takes dictation to a new level by uniting superior design and ergonomics with the most powerful features such as the 3D mic and the motion sensor. The ultra-mobile voice recorder exceeds all expectations and offers exceptional sound quality. Often wrongly referred to as ‘Dictaphone’, the Pocket Memo voice recorder is the perfect choice for professionals who want to be efficient on the go.


The dictation recorder app for smartphones allows for even more productivity on the go. The professional dictation solution is designed to fit perfectly with Philips SpeechLive and into the Philips SpeechExec software suite. The convenient dictation app gives users the freedom to record, edit and send dictation files from anywhere and anytime, offering them increased flexibility and reducing document turnaround times.


The Philips SpeechMike is the undisputable number 1 desktop dictation microphone. The recently-launched SpeechMike Premium features a free-floating microphone and the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary digital dictation device. The innovative features offer studio-like sound quality, making it perfect for speech recognition.


The Philips Voice Tracers are easy to use and offer best-in-class sound recording in any situation. The audio recorders are perfect for taking quick speech notes on the go, but are also ideal for capturing conversations, lectures, interviews, music or meetings. No matter what you need to record, there is a digital voice recorder available which is specifically tailored to meet these needs.


Philips transcription sets are specifically designed to make transcription easy and intuitive. This allows users to go from speech to text even quicker than before. Files taken with your recording device such as your voice recorder or dictation app can be turned into text in no time.


Philips dictation workflow management solutions such as Philips SpeechExec and the cloud software solution Philips SpeechLive allow users to make their work processes more efficient. Administrate your workflow centrally and easily connect authors to typists. Whether you use your voice recorder or dictation app, Philips’ workflow solutions help save you time and money.