Managed IT Services


Many of our competitors claim they are Fixed-Fee Managed IT Service Providers. What they don't tell you is their 'fixed' price may only cover you for network monitoring and the rest is time and material (T&M). Any time you call them to fix issues - you're paying extra. But how do you know if they're over billing? You don't. And, you're probably paying too much.

At Digital nGenuity, when we say you pay a fixed price - we mean it. You will receive our 'nSupport' plan. That fixed price covers all of your network needs including 24/7 remote, helpdesk, and on-site support. We are your IT department. With our 'True' Fixed Managed Services Plan, you can rest easy knowing all of your IT requirements are covered - with no surprises.

Did you know T&M providers actually benefit when you experience network problems? More problems equals more billable time for them. As a fixed-fee managed services provider, we're more profitable when your network is problem-free. A healthy network is good for the both of us.

Think of our team as your team

You'll have your own Client Manager and Service Delivery Manager, as well as direct access to highly certified technicians for strategic advice on the choice of technologies and approach required to meet your business objectives.

You'll experience

  • • An HRM-based Service Desk available 24x7
  • • Email Alerts
  • • Always-On Monitoring
  • • Monthly reports and consultations
  • • The ability to resolve issues at first point of call
  • • A single number to call for all issues

  • Key Benefits
  • • Reduce financial risk via a fixed monthly management fee, increasing your control over your IT budget.
  • • Reduce operational risk through 24 x 7 proactive systems monitoring and alerting.
  • • Modular flexibility with options to tailor a solution to support and manage all, or part of your IT infrastructure the way you want.
  • • Simplify supplier management by utilising our wide range of solutions and we'll be fully accountable for all aspects of delivering your IT needs.
  • • Access Technology by leveraging our wide range of vendor relationships.
  • • Access to knowledge and specialist expertise through the advice and know-how of our certified technicians.
  • • High levels of service through strict service level agreements (SLAs), providing guarantees around availability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Managed Services Overview

Keep critical IT services available to your business through proactive management of the server infrastructure. We provide service support for a wide range of technologies including the full range of Microsoft Server products and VMware.

Take away the complexity of managing network infrastructure with our managed network service. We provide service support for a wide range of networking products including LAN, Wireless, Firewall, Load Balancing, Content Filtering, IDS and WAN Optimisation platforms.

User Support

We will provide all aspects of support for your staff, from assisting them with day to day IT support through to network administration tasks such as managing their mailboxes, user accounts and application access.

Managed User Devices

Service support for the variety of devices your users have, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. With the rising demand for BYOD computing, our managed devices offerings are an easy way to simplify user device support.

Print Support

Printing is typically a major service for any organisation. We can manage the print ecosystem and cover everything from support of the printer device through to management of print drivers and print solutions.

Data Protection

Protecting your company data is a key objective for us. We will manage the daily protection of your data and ensure that data can be retrieved as and when required. We can also support more comprehensive disaster recovery options to protect your business.