Network Solutions and Maintenance

Digital nGenuity is experienced in providing consulting services and business solutions. We can improve your business efficiency through the implementation of technology and ongoing support.

We work in partnership with our customer to identify areas of concern and suggest and apply the most effective solutions. Digital nGenuity has the skills to take a project through all phases.

We have a wealth of successful project experience and expertise in a variety of technologies. This enables us to provide the best solutions for our customers. Digital nGenuity excels in specifying new installations, as well as integrating new systems with existing ones.

Network Design and Installation

Digital nGenuity provides a full range of networking services including initial analysis and planning, installation and implementation, support and even employee training sessions. The technicians at Digital nGenuity are fully trained and qualified to support Novell and Microsoft networks. Plus, our years of practical experience will assure you of superior quality with no hassles.

Evergreen Planning

The evergreen approach to (budget) planning requires having expected lifetimes for your computer equipment. Ages are based upon observed or estimated times before failures start to cost non-trivial time and/or money. Digital nGenuity can help you plan system, server, switch, and other network infrastructure renewal based on a strategic evergreen plan.


Virtualization is not just about servers. Digital nGenuity can help you create an efficient, responsive IT environment by virtualizing your servers, storage and workstations to enhance productivity and simplify IT management. With an appropriately planned and executed virtual environment you can lower capital, power and cooling costs, reduce management touch points and accelerate IT service delivery to your users.


Setting up a robust Wi-Fi network for your business doesn't have to be a nerve-racking experience. There's a big disparity between the cost of consumer access points (AP) with business-centric models from leading manufacturers. Confused by what may appear to be similar specifications, small businesses may opt for cheaper consumer-grade Wi-Fi APs that are, in fact, inadequate for the task at hand. Nonbusiness APs typically lack advanced capabilities in crucial areas such as security, manageability, load management, remote deployment and upgradability. Let Digital nGenuity help design and install your wifi network to ensure a robust, secure, and easily managed wifi environment.