Mission and Vision Statement

The framework within which Digital nGenuity's strategies are formulated

Digital nGenuity provides innovative technology and services that make businesses better through a powerful combination of product innovation, customer satisfaction and operational excellence. With our commitment to price and quality, our skilled technicians are engaged in providing solutions to satisfy our clients.

Core Values

Success is based on our commitment to our core values:
  • • We measure the quality of our service by the customer's perception of and satisfaction with its value.
  • • We deliver what we promise beyond what's expected.
  • • We value long-term relationships over short-term profits.
  • • We are honest and ethical in all our dealings.
  • • We value and promote win/win relationships.
  • • We encourage creativity and contribution from everyone in our organization.
  • • We deliver high value to our clients while remaining profitable.
  • • We use creative and innovative solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

Old School Values

We believe in old school values and are proud to continue these traditions where businesses are honest in their practices and deliver high quality, reliable products and services and make them available for a fair price. We strive to be available to our prospects and customers for customer service and to provide knowledgeable honest responses in the best interest of the customer. We do not strive to make the most money (at the expense of poor customer service) or be the largest company (bigger is not always better in our book), but rather strive to build a strong resilient company that focuses on a quality experience for its customers, prospects and employees.