Olympus Dictation

From transcribing depositions to taking case notes, Olympus Professional Dictation products can increase efficiency and streamline workflows at law firms.

Modern technology is enhancing the way lawyers interact with clients. It has also changed how firms manage their business and has altered the approach on how information is shared. Specifically, advances in digital technology within the dictation and transcription process have transformed how law firms process recorded information immediately, efficiently and securely.


The DS Series of portable digital voice recorders lets you capture crystal-clear voice files anywhere.


RecMic USB Microphones make it easy to instantly dictate information into workflows.


The new Olympus Dictation app turns your smartphone into an advanced dictation system.


ODMS workflow and integration software increases efficiency and organizational productivity.

Dictation has long been a staple of law firms - there's simply no better way for a busy attorney to take thorough case notes and record large amounts of information. And thanks to the next generation of digital Professional Dictation Systems and digital voice recorders from Olympus, the best is even better.

Portable handheld recording devices allow attorneys to dictate on the go, and Olympus' ODMS software automatically routes recordings into the firm's workflow, either to a transcriptionist or directly into speech recognition software. For the attorney looking to provide the ultimate in client service, there's no more secure, reliable or flexible solution on the market.